CLAUDIO GRASSI - Unity Game Developer Portfolio

Chain Guardians RPG - Unity WebGL

A turn based RPG game developed in Unity for the web.
CLIENT: ChainGuardians
LENGTH: 18months

Tasks Included but not limited to:

  • UI/UX creation
    • Design
    • Implementation
  • UI/UX Implementation in Unity
    • Layout
    • Animations
    • Features
    • Organization
    • Optimization
  • Implementation of front end systems and features
    • Chat
    • Inventory
    • Squad management
    • Navigation
    • Post Processing
    • Music and sound effects
    • Debugging and code cleanup
  • Game design of new features
    • Chat system
    • Tournament Mode
    • Daily Rewards
    • Dialogue System
  • Chain Gunnies FPS
    • Game Design of new features
    • Debugging and code cleanup
  • Small outsource team management
  • Optimization and asset management 
  •  Tools:
    • Unity
    • Visual Studio (C#)
    • GitHub source control
    • Slack
    • Jira
    • Discord
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop

Turn Based Tactics WIP - Unity3D

A work in progress 3d turn based tactics strategy game I am developing solo.
LENGTH: 4months to date

Working solo I have taken on all roles of this project, from design, to architecture to implementation.  Currently using pre-made assets to speed up prototyping. The images on the left show some of the progress I have shared.


  • Dynamic Grid System on Unity’s Terrain
  • Dynamic Obstacles
  • A-Star pathfinding
  • Unit Stats 
  • Scriptable Objects
  • Animations
  • Cover system
  • Cinemachine Camera controls
  • Custom Tools
  • Visuals
    • Movement Range
    • Path indicator
    • Vaulting
    • Cover preview
    • Selection preview
    • Post Processing
    • Decal Projectors
    • Custom shaders
  • Tools
    • Unity3D
    • Visual Studio (C#)
    • GitHub
    • Git Kraken
    • Milanote
    • Blender
    • Inkscape
    • Photoshop

Various Projects and Tests

A collection of other projects and tests in using Unity and C# unless otherwise stated.

Scene Loader Custom Editor

A custom Editor tool I built for navigating scenes quickly while working. It includes the ability to add a selection of scenes from the project rather than always having to look for them in the assets folder. The editor also lists all scenes in the build settings and every single one present in the project on separate tabs. The custom editor also takes into account potential changes made and prompts the user to save the scene before switching.


Script File Generator Custom Editor

This was a test for publishing an asset to the Unity Asset Store. I created this custom editor to generate custom script files based on a set of inputs. 

  • Toggles for various useful Unity Messages
  • Can generate a variety of class types


Grid Painter Editor Tool

While developing my Tactics game I decided to create a grid based asset painter Editor Tool for Unity.   

  • Custom Editor Tool
  • Editor and Scene View tool
  • Position validation
  • Allows for instantiating assets on a grid based on a set of values that control the Grid Canvas.
  • Assets can be larger than the Grid Unit Size.
  • Assets can be added or removed and also sampled from the scene. 
  • Utilizes GUI Overlays and custom mouse controls.

Tank Defender LA - Unity2D Top Down Shooter

This 2d WebGL game can be played from the main page of my website. I created all the assets and the code for it and while its not complete, it is at a decent playable state. I covered its development on a series of articles on Medim.

  • 2D Game
  • Custom shaders
  • Powerup System
  • Dialogue System
  • Various enemy waves and patterns
  • Pixel art graphics
  • Post Processing
  • WebGL build

KickShot Pro - Unity2D Hyper Casual - Mobile

I built this game from a quick prototype that I made as a birthday card for my cousin. The idea is just to kick the ball and not let it hit the floor. The goal of the game is to see how many bounces you can get before the ball hits the ground. As an additional layer, you play the game indoors and will be breaking objects inside the house. As you break toys you will collect them for your trophy collection. Finally, there is another level of difficulty where you have to also make sure not to kick the cat as it runs by. 

  • All pixel art assets were hand made by myself
  • Uses Unity Ad Services
  • Uses Playfab as the back end for player progression, rewards, economy, login and security
    • Global Leader Boards
    • Trophy Collection
    • In game Shop
    • Various Game Modes
    • Random room generation
    • Pause Menu and player options
  • Custom UI
  • Mobile Build – Android added to Playstore in closed Alpha

Unnamed Dogfighting Battle Royale - Unity 3D

In this experiment I wanted to create a BR game with space ships. I was able to create a flight controller from scratch, add weapon mechanics using Particle systems and make it Multiplayer to test.  This was just an experiment to get acquainted with a multiplayer package.

  • Particle System Physics
  • Player Controller
  • MultiPlayer with Photon
  • Health System

Shadergraph Tests - Unity 3D

In this example I wanted to recreate the Steam platform’s collectible card display. So I set out to recreate it with a custom shader in shadergraph. I wrote a series of articles on how I went about doing this on my Medium page. They can also be found on the homepage of my site.

  • Custom card art
  • Shadergraph custom shader
  • Custom textures
  • Relevant code for UI interaction

Croquis Companion - Unity 3D - Mobile

I created this mobile app as a tool to practice my gesture drawing skills.  The idea is that you are given a pose and an angle at random forcing the artist to practice drawing outside of their comfort zone. This project leverages mocap animations for a more natural look of the poses.

  • Custom 3D models
  • Async operations
  • Saving and Loading of data
  • Random animation and camera positioning
  • Unity Ads
  • Mobile build with touch controls

Eplurnum- Unity 2D - Mobile

I created this mobile project as a tool for developing ideas for character designs. I added large databases of options of a series of data points that get randomized on generation. You can also create palettes based on images obtained from the web. The biggest feature is the connected search functionality that allows you to reference any particular trait through Google images or Pinterest. Care was taken to activate safe search options to avoid unwanted results. The app also generates DnD characters including stats.

  • Custom UI
  • Web search integration
  • Save and Load functionality
  • Random generation 
  • Color palette generation and exporting
  • Random roll generation
  • Available for free on Playstore
  • Mobile Build with touch controls

ChopBlock- Unity 3D - Mobile

Chop Block is another experiment I built from scratch including all the assets. Its a hypercasual where the player has to tap on the screen to chop a sausage link as the marker goes by the cutting line. As the player progresses, the speed of the extrusion will increase until the player misses the mark and thus loses the game. 

  • Custom 3D UI
  • Event driven design
  • Hand made 3d models and assets
  • Mobile build with touch controls 
  • Pooling system
  • Animation Rigging
  • Custom animations
  • Custom Shaders
  • kinda fun 🙂

Chain Gauntlet - Unity 2D

Chain Gauntlet is a prototype Co-Op twin stick shooter rogue like.  The main idea is to limit the player’s inventory to only be able to carry a set number of guns that they can access through the radial menu around the character. In co-op this could also mean sharing weapons with your companions who may have a skillset better suited for that weapon. As the players progress they will be able to unlock different abilities and more inventory slots.

  • Custom 2D art assets
  • Weapon system
  • Weapon Inventory system
  • New Input system with support for controllers and Keyboard and mouse 
  • Particle system physics
  • Health system
  • Movement system including dashes and invulnerability frames